A dull performance

Posted on April 23rd, 2011

In 2007 I performed on Dam square in Amsterdam as a living statue. As a statement within the assignment “dull” I decided to take a stand on a little stool facing one of the biggest shopping malls of Amsterdam. Taking the effort to stand completely still for over more then 45 minutes I became completely aware of my surroundings. Questioning passers-by and myself what a performance contains. Is it really as simple as standing still on such a little podium as a small stool? As time passed I noticed a wide circle gathering around me. People felt the need to interact, or give meaning to my purpose of just standing there. As I did not wear any costume or make-up I confused my audience. While some people still tried to donate money, but couldn’t follow trough, as there was no hat or suitcase in front of me, they stopped and took a picture, as I must have been one of Amsterdam’s interesting features. A pair of Muslim lady’s copied my posture in quite an exact way. Not being aware of the fact that my questioning of their behavior was larger then visa versa. Not being able to move one single body part, or even move my eyes resulted in a spectacular meditative experience. As well as answering the question that a dull performance is hard to achieve.