Posted on April 24th, 2011



In the month of June 2011 the students of our textile department at the Rietveld Academy lived in empty houses in Schiedam. We had the opportunity to use these spaces as a working space and do an social Art experiment. Starting with the theme “feeling home” I experimented with textiles in many layers.
Fascinated by the difference in use of textiles in different cultures I started by “sculpting” it in a way of usage in living space.
Stating that people mostly start feeling at home when they can have an influence within the interior, whether it is adding something that is their own, or simply moving a piece of furniture, I wanted to create a work that includes both these aspects. In front of the house in Schiedam that was mine for a month, there was a small playground and a park bench. This was a perfect piece of furniture to turn into an even better and atractive social space by adding multiple pieces of textile and collecting this from the neigbourhood. Creating the ability for people to choose their own taste in fabric for the bench, and giving the opportunity to add their own piece of textile.