Posted on April 19th, 2012


In January 2010 I started crocheting all the chairs and tables of our classroom. This resulted into a explosion of colored yarns taking over this installation of furniture. Taking the installation apart it left me with several chairs all crocheted in a different way. They became pieces of their own, giving me the inspiration of working with chairs and crochet in a new way.







These chairs as I used in the installation became like blank canvasses to me. As a painter would use his paint and brush, I used my yarn and needle to crochet chairs making them gain and lose new shapes and sizes. With this thick woolen yarn I started taking over the form of these chairs. During the process of crocheting I found new ways and solutions of connecting the legs and the seat of the chair together. Acknowledging that I could now change any shape of the chair as I wanted.
By using this thick material I could finally show the beauty of the crochet stitch and look for ways to create this streamlined pattern within the design.


After the assignment to make four copies of one of my chairs for 10 FEET( a fashion design label who used the chairs to support their new summer line at the Modefabriek in 2011) I decided it was time to take a bit of distance from chairs. I wanted to work with the material in an autonomous way and started studying still life paintings. Instead of using a brush and paint I used my yarn and needle to turn these still life paintings into a textile sculpture. When crocheting the whole still life into one object you could see the transition between the objects on the table disappear.










During a visit to India were it felt like I was released of ordinary furniture I became aware of Indian woman and the way they carry their child. It was an eye-opening experience to see that they didn’t need any baby chairs or car seats to protect their child from any harm. Reflecting back onto Western norms I decided to react on this phenomenon in a new chair.


P1010107 P1010111

In this last series of chairs I worked with crocheting in a different material. Up till now I had tried to crochet a suit for a chair that fitted the form in its best way. All of a sudden it seemed unnecessary to do so, as we “people” in daily life do not always wear tight fitted clothes either. So why should a chair? What if a chair would fancy a different garment, perhaps one of another chair.













In assignment I crochet chairs custom made, some of them with a twist..