Posted on October 3rd, 2015

In this catalog you will find an overview of my recent designs and prices.

The Lacy pouf design was created in 2012 as a graduation project by Eveline Keyser. This handcraft technique named tatting inspired her to create a new design. Finally developing strong objects out of the technique other then the common use for it known as the traditional decorative lace mostly used in accessories.
A completely new and original way in using the technique was developed by her in order to knot the lacy structures in a three dimensional way. The beauty and strength of the technique now becomes fully visible in these interior design pieces as poufs and chandeliers. As the lace builds and connects itself solely through the tatting technique the pouf designs are a small revolution within knotted rope furniture. Lacy poufs are handmade and custom made. The innovative side of the product lies within the fact that it is produced without any chemicals or additives to turn a knotted handcraft technique like this into solid furniture pieces.

Working with tatting in a three-dimensional way it has become visible that this way of knotting becomes interesting in multiple disciplines. Architectural it can provide new possibilities as its such a strong technique of multiple self closing circular knots. These layered holes can create new functions in interior and exterior designs. It has also been noticed that a hanging ‘pouf’ structure would become fascinating objects in terms of dealing with acoustic spaces. As designs in tatted lace are infinite, you can imagine that working with this in larger scale it could create even larger stronger objects then we can imagine.