“The Frivolous tale of the picot lift” is a wall design & shows a new way of working with tatting lace in a 3 dimensional form.

In 2021/22 i have explored ways to preserve the airy feel of the lace while building it up in layers. The Picot lift stitch invention i created has made it possible to double layers of lace and behold a space in-between the layers while staying solid.

The “picots” (the loops that connect the knotted rings together) are now lifted and supported to stand up straight, allowing a connection on top instead of traditionally used sideways.

Creating new spaces in between the lace, while it still beholds the elegant look, also allows new interventions to happen. It has not only grown into a new appearance, the 3d elements have now also become a strong lace brick. It therefore evolved into a building piece of lace. It now can grow and attach itself on multiple surfaces where it will be able to fulfil many purposes, as an interior or exterior design. Even under water design. It could be used for example as a connection or construction piece, a product for noise reduction, a plant growing fence, a room divider, etc.

Frivolite has never been used like this before, this work represents a Phamflet in all new ways we can implement this gorgeous lace structures again, letting it not only serve a decorative purpose, but maybe giving it a more serious job within design.